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Odekake Part 3

Renshuu chuu no "Shonen Sanzokudan" no minasan, totemo omoshiroi beesu wo tsukatte imashita.


これは、「バケツベース」と言うそうです。棒にスチール弦を一本張り、下のバケツに振動を伝え、共鳴させて います。
Kore wa, "baketsu beesu" toiu sou desu. Bou ni suchieeru gen wo ippon hari, shita no baketsu ni shindou wo tsutae, kyoumei saseteimasu.

奴隷制度下のアメリカ南部で生まれた楽器だと、この青 年が教えてくれました。
Dorei seido ka no amerika nanbu de umareta gakki da to, kono seinen ga oshiete kuremashita.

Kono gakki, hajimete mimashita.

奏者がうまかったせいか、とてもいい音がしていました 。
Sousha ga umakatta seika, totemo ii oto ga shite imashita.

"Shounen Sanzokudan," the group that was practicing, was using an interesting bass.
I was told it's called a "bucket bass." A steel string is tied along the length of the rod, and the vibrations are sent to the bucket below for the sound to resonate.
The young man told me that it was born in the American South during the slavery period.
It was my first time to see it.
The bass sounded very good, maybe because the player was good.


そのとうりです。 その楽器を何回も聞きました・・・懐かしいなぁぁ・・・ でもその写真で彼はプラステクのバケツを使っているらしい、その音をちょっと心配します・・・それでいいかな? アメリカの南に使っているのは washtub と言うものです。 深いな丸い音をします。
ahhh as always I'm stuck at work - the place where I can post the most, and where I have no Japanese font pack installed so as to try and reply with Japanese (_ _;)

I believe I've seen the band you mentioned, I think they had a regular gig going on in Shimokitazawa. The usually played under the bridge, North exit, beside the Odakyu travel hut. If it's the same group they are indeed skilled!
MMsan, they were indeed good! They were practicing out of our view at first, and we didn't realize it was a "bucket bass" until we peeked! I assumed that it was a real bass!

Kanadajin-san, did you see them in Shimokitazawa? I talked to them after practice, and they told us their main performance venue is Inokashira Park.
My husband is eager to go see them again, not only because they are good but also because one of the banjo players is a girl (the one in the hunting cap) who is cute and looks like our daughter!! LOL

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