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Odekake Part 2

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Sanrenkyuu nanode, kouen wa hito de ippai deshita.

色々な物売りや、マジックを見せる人、歌う人等で大変 にぎわっていました。
Iroirona monouri ya, majikku wo miseru hito, utau hito tou de taihen nigiwatte imashita.

Sonna naka, sutekina banjou no ensou ga kikoete kimashita.

Ike no hotori ni ita, kono sannin no wakamono desu.


Banjou to beesu de, yuumeina amerika minyou ya dizunii eiga no kyoku wo ensou shite imashita.

他のグループがほとんど素人だった中、この人たちはプロのようで した。
Hoka no guruupu ga hotondo shirouto datta naka, konohitotachi wa puro no you deshita.

Konnna harigami wo shiteimashita.


Because it was a long weekend, the park was filled with people.
The place was bustling with vendors and people performing magic, singing, etc.
In this atmosphere, I noticed some great banjo playing.
It came from these three young people at the edge of the pond.
With banjo and bass, they played famous American folk music and songs from Disney films.
While nearly all other groups were amateurs, they seemed professional.
They had this pasted (near them).


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