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woke up early today. Did morning excercise as usual.
Came home and practised some japanese and browsed some random sites. I don't know if it is like this everyone but the more I learn the more I feel like I don't know anything. Seeing all this stuff on random websites makes my head hurt.

Later in the day I did work with intermediate level II ナ?F窶堙娯?愿コ窶怒ナ津ェ. It seems the articles are quite a tad harder then the book before. It is N3 or slightly above I believe, I am having trouble with some of the sentences.


Do they really write it ナ?F窶堙娯?愿コ窶怒ナ津ェ, or is it 窶堙昶?堙ア窶堙遺?堙娯?愿コ窶怒ナ津ェ?
Also, 窶堙昶?堙ア窶堙 isn't an official reading for that kanji as far as I'm aware. It's 窶堙昶?堙? And, if you want to avoid an extremely common ナ?Oツ人 mistake, don't say 窶堙昶?堙ア窶堙遺?堋ウ窶堙ア. There's no such word as far as native Japanese speakers are concerned. The word is 窶堙昶?堙遺?堋ウ窶堙ア. That's more why it's written 窶堙昶?堙ア窶堙遺?堙娯?愿コ窶怒ナ津ェ and not ナ?F窶堙娯?愿コ窶怒ナ津ェ.
I know how you feel, but remember that if you push through something, the same thing will be easier the next time. It might take time, but it'll be worth it!

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