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No, Dad! It's Not What You Think!

My father has started taking computer lessons last fall. He drives about 15 munites every tuesday to the other side of the city to attend these classes where he and other seniors learn how to make greeting cards, how to send and receive e-mails, how to use the internet, etc.

I thought it was great that he had something to do other than sitting around, drinking and complaining about everything, driving the rest of the family crazy. Now he had a fun activity that would broaden his horizen, so to speak.

He had never even touched a keyboard before he started taking the lessons. Since then, I have set up his own e-mail account for him, tried teaching him how to use search engines, etc. but he never quite "got it". He has bought himself an used laptop through a newspaper ad but I have never seen him using it.

Last Tuesday, I got a call from my mother while I was at work. She wanted me to drive my father to the computer class because his car wouldn't start. Being a good son that I am, I drove home, picked up my father and took him to the class.

I had never known exactly where these classes were being held nor who was teaching them. It turns out the classes actually takes place in someone's living room. The teacher is a woman in her late 20s who is the daughter of the owner of the house.

I got to meet the teacher and 4 of the students who was taking the tuesday classes with my father (all men in their 60-70s).

So, THIS was why he has been taking the lessons despite of his obvious lack of interest in computer! It must be a lot of fun for him to be in a classroom setting with guys his own age being "students" to an attractive young woman.

When I told my mother about it that night, she just said 「窶堙寂?堋ゥ窶堋セ窶堙銀?堋・〜 窶堙??堋、窶堋ケ窶堋サ窶堙ア窶堙遺?堋ア窶堙??堋セ窶堙ォ窶堋、窶堙?スv窶堙≫?堋ス」 "What an idiot... I KNEW it was something like that".

I came home the other night and went to my computer and hit a key to "wake it up" and strangely, it had been turned off. I always put the computer on standby and never turn it off. What was even more strange was when I checked the browsing history on the internet explorer, the last few of sites visited were ones I had never visited before. One was a home page for Japan Meterological Agency. Another was a profile page for a TV news woman for Nihon Television. Hmmmmm.....

Had my father been on my computer? I don't have a password set up for it so anyone could get on it. I didn't think it was necessary as I was the only one who knew anything about computer in the household.

OK, there are some stuff on my computer that is rather "sensitive" in nature. Nothing illegal (in most countries anyway) but not something I would want to share with my father for sure.

Does he know how to open files? I really don't know..... I am reluctant to confront him about it in case he HAS seen "it".

I am going to have to be more careful. I am thinking about checking out HIS laptop and see what he's been doing on it. It might give me an idea as to what he is capable of.

The computer lessons might have created a monster.... Only a few months ago he was telling me he didn't know how to open e-mails!



Busted! :p Ashikaga-san wa ecchi! :p

Your lucky, my parents cant open or check emails no matter how many times I try to go through it with them...They cant even operate the DVD player without me intervening ; ; I guess you'll have to place some password locks on that "sensitive" material from now on :p
Old folks with electronic gadgets.... Watching my parents fumble with their cell phones is so frustrating that it makes me wanna just snatch the damn things out of their hands and smash them against a wall!! The phones, not my parents.

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