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wow..jsut about every where i go there is this option. bloging lol. isn't a blog just a big old diary that the world can look at. honostly it is almost to the point of being pointless i'm not wrong but yet here i am still typing one ja!:)

none the less i suppose i should use such a application to my advantage yes. what to speak about, how about that i am a writer, as of today thanks to this site and a few others the head ace i was suffers over my story The Shizuka Gaijin Girl is officaly gone. though it is still a distant buzz in the back of my mind because i still have so many unanswered queastions about japaneses life. i guess one can read as many manga as they want and read as many websites as they want but unless you have actully been there you will never understand what it is truely like to go through it.

the story truthly is about my even her name is my own middle name and her last name is jsut a weird way to spell my lastname differntly. Nicole Landrew, lol, i jsut didn't want my friends to pick on me that i want to go to japan that bad. of chourse everything that had happen to poor nicole is everything i really don't want. i'm pretty much happy or more content with my life. i'v jsut recently fnished the rough draft of my main book sereies The Shizuka Gaijin Girl is jsut a side project. my main series is a 8 books series but the first book is all that matters at the moment. i hand wrote it to, 32 chapters 298 pages and 149 sheets of paper. it took one and a half years to write the book. and i still have to debug it and rewrtie it.

i'm going to be graduating form highschool this year at last. i'm going to go to college next, unfourintly it has to be a two year college first then on to a four year university! Macneses state universtiy, i think i missspelled it XD. i want to be an art teacher i've been drawing sense i was 2. my first picture was a rabbit, no not the "tilt your head to the side i think its a rabbit" i mean it was a true to life right down to the fluffy tail rabbit lol. i've worked as a teachers aid for art schools and i've tried to teach my firends i taught myself how to draw manga my first charachter was named kitty later i changed her name to Neko Kaze Hoshi. her chin was half a mile long lol. i've gotten alot better sense then and nekio has become my signiture charachter in everything i do or more like furrys have.

god...i really did ramble, who knew i could actully pull it off lol:D. anyways i think that is all for today thanks for bareing with me and my rambleing.😊


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