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I have finally started writing out my nengajo (New Year's Cards) for next year.

I like to make my own cards on the computer using a picture I took during the year. Unfortunately, this year, my hard disk with all of my photos on it has seemed to die a painful death, so I was without my pictures!

Luckily I had reason to head out to Kyoto on Sunday, so I was able to take a decent picture there. Problem solved.

I've noticed that many people nowadays print out the addresses of the people they're sending their nangajo to on the computer and then write a short comment on the "picture side" by hand. I, however, make a concerted effort to write out all of the addresses on my nangajo by hand, so as to add a more personal touch. I think it also shows people that you put a little effort into their card, because even if it is just the address, it's more effort than you would have exerted if you had entrusted it to your computer's printer.

Writing nengajo is usually quite a task for me, as my usual pattern is to inconveniently "remember" that I have to write them just before the deadline for getting them out to the post office in time, and I spend the next couple of days in a writing marathon until my poor hand simply can not move any more.

However this year, I have vowed to be smarter and started writing them earlier to avoid the rush. Well, I started writing them yesterday, which I conveniently happened to have off from work, along with a few X-mas cards.

So now I have the first batch done, but I still have many more to go.

Still, it's much nicer than my normal pattern. At least I can still use my hand!


Boy, you take the task pretty seriously. The way I was raised, I never sent out Christmas cards or the like, so it's hard not to view the entire exercise as a bunch of trouble. However, I think that if one's going to bother sending them, one might as well give them the personal touch like you. Otherwise, what's the point?
Nice work.

I made one for my family with the computer. They also wrote down the adress and the message by hand.

I don't have that many contacts yet in Japan so I will wait a few years with sending out these cards... I keep it by the internet for now. lol.
Hey, I don't think I have your address anymore, Dutch. Sorry, but I seem to have lost it. Could you PM me with your address and I'll send one, too! :cool:

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