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A couple of weeks ago, on my way back from the bank, I stopped to have a bowl of ramen noodles at a local ramen shop.

Those of you who have been to ramen shops in Japan must know that they always have available many comic books for you to read while eating your ramen.

I picked the very first volume of "Naruto". I had been aware of its popularity since this kid back in US whom I used to teach Japanese was a huge fan and talked about it constantly. I would later learn that my nieces and nephew were fans also.

It's a story about a boy named Naruto who dreams of one day becoming a chief of his Ninja tribe.

By the time I finished eating, I was done with the entire book. And I was hooked. I wanted to read more and find out what would become of Naruto and his friends! Now, when I get into something, I REALLY get into it. It had been decades since the last time I sat and read manga. When I was a kid, I would save my allowance so I could buy the latest volumes of my favorite magas. The beautiful thing about being a grown up (and having a job) is that you don't have to buy one manga book at a time anymore. You can just go to a bookstore and buy the whole series!!!

I made my way over to a used-book store downtown after work to pick up the entire series so I'd be able to read them that night. Well, it turns out there are 44 volumes (!!!) in the series..... and it is still on-going.

Yes, I bought them all, all 44 of them, and I've read them all in 4 days. Now I want to talk to someone about my latest passion!! However.... for someone my age, it is not as easy as discussing Naruto's adventures with classmates during recess. I can't go to my nieces and nephew because I want to keep what's left of my dignity as their uncle. What am I to do? I have joined a couple of online forums dedicated to Naruto. Yes, the majority of people on those forums are pimply faced teenagers... but here's the beauty of the internet. They don't need to know that the dude who is going on and on about the latest chapter of Naruto is actually a geezer who could possibly be old enough to be their...fathers. What can I do!? I just love this manga and I want to share the love!!

It really feels good to come clean about this. I couldn't tell anyone.... my family, my colleagues, my friends.... and it was killing me. Judge me, you will, but I don't care!!



haha nice blog entry.

I haven't read the manga yet, but I do have seen all the Naruto episodes from ep 1 up to the newest Shippuden eps... over 300 I guess.

So who is your favorite character?
It'd be a toss-up between Kakashi & Tsunade. Also, I find myself attracted to Naruto during his Sexy no jutsu....
My son likes too...In Bali there are many japanese comics.
Of course translated to indonesian.
It's so funny:lol: I totally understand your feeling. I do the same thing with computer games. All these revival games and they are so cheap now.
Oh Man! Don't even get me started on the classic video games!! I don't know how old you are but I am of the generation that remembers when the original Space Invaders came out. Back then, many of the cafes in town would have tables with built-in Space Invaders game. My brother and I would BEG my parents to take us to one of those cafes so we could play SI.

My favorite classic game would have to be Galaga. The one with those invaders that look like bugs and they come at you in funky formations? I HAVE to get my hands on a console that lets me play that game one of these days...
i think it is totally ok for old people[no offence] to do whatever they want as like reading mangas and comics,playing childlish games like PS2 and so becuz as we grow up we feel like wanting to be young again and do whatever you used to do as a kid. this is what my father said once he also said that when he was a kid he was bored of school and of being a kid.mooo, it is totally ok ne?:cool:gambatte
Although it's not my favorite manga, I'm a big fan of Naruto as well!! ^_^ I watched the first season animation, then started out with the comics. Now I only get back to the anime when there's a special fight scene.

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