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Nande?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what?!

I never get any comments. Yuck! >.<
I'm preparing for college...I'm going to take Japanese yay!
I also need a newspaper article ida. I don't want to flunk journalism.
When I first started, I thought I'd be Lois Lane. Hey folks, It's harder than you'd think.
Okay Mata ne noone(get it noone? Cuz noone is reading my blog?! lol)


no one leefs a comment on mine eather ;)

Cool you're going to learn Japanese.. I wish I could :( But I'm not able to.... Good Luck !
No one reads my blog either! It's okay, these blogs are still new. I'm sure people will eventually start using them more.
I guess, blogs aren't very popular on this forum? ☝

Anyway, Good luck with your Japanese classes, dont forget to learn me something.
(Im also learning Japanese, not on school, but i have some japanese books at home~!)
I think it's because this blogging thing is new.. That is wy you don't get much comment yet
Good luck with college. I hope you do well.
Like Toshi 90 said this is still new and there are a lot of people on here to read.
Good luck and Take care.

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