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Today i saw Gokusen I again (i think the 1st one is better then the 2nd) to see the students struggling in their lives, having problems but at the end their friends always helped them.

It's an ironic story because friends these days are not really more valuable anymore, people even forget they have friends.

But when I look to this I remember my own friends back at home.

I may sound a bit like an sentimental young fool, but this drama touched me.

The Friendship in that drama is stronger then any other drama or movie about friends or lovers.

Sometimes they fought, what reminds me of an old saying by my stepfather (sometimes the best friend hits his friend, not because of hating him, but to trying to say a message) friends are always there for you, when you falled they pick you up, when you run out of money, they lend you money, when you are down, they do whatever they can to bring you up, when it's over woth your beloved, they help you to find a new spark in your life, and that's were friends stand for.

To aid another.

And that is what friends means to me


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