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My first city on my Japanese trip was Nagoya. My aunt has friends in the city. This was my first trip outside of the United States of America so I thought it a good idea to have a "home base" in Japan. The first night I got there was amazing, I only stayed up a few hours since I got to Japan late. I went to a hanami party as my first activity in Japan though. I really got to see the spirit of the sakura season in Japan on that first day. That first night I didn't do much but the atmosphere of the hanami in that park I went to was amazing.


The first full day I had in Nagoya I went to Nagoya Castle in the morning. My hotel was in Sakae so I walked to the castle. The best thing about all the historic sites in Japan are that they are so cheap to get in and see everything. Entrance to Nagoya Castle was 500 yen which in my opinion is extremely cheap. I really enjoy Japanese history so I found Nagoya Castle to be extremely interesting. In the afternoon I met up with the friend that had met me at the airport and we went to Inuyama Castle. I was surprised at how small and compact the castle was. Even if you are short make sure to watch your head if you go to Inuyama castle there are places that aren't very tall so you could hit your head as I almost found out the hard way a few times. After going into Inuyama Castle my friend and I walked next to the river there back to the train station. It was really great we found someone that was offering rickshaw rides for money. We didn't use the service but after the person found out it was my first time in Japan he insisted on me taking a picture on the rickshaw under the sakura blooms. It was very special and I was so glad he was nice enough to let me do that.

The rest of my time in Nagoya was mostly uneventful as I looked at different shops downtown. I also had to go to the apple store as my iPhone wasn't working in Japan. I did go to Osu but I was so tired by that point that I don't remember much about it from that day. My next city after Nagoya was Hida-Takayama I will write about it in my next blog post.


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