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My First Blog!

Hmm this is interesting let's see where this will go.
Well I will introduce myself. Call me Sparky! I have been living in Japan for almost 7 years now. I own my own school here in Japan now. It will be 1 year old next week, which has caused a lot of stress. Halloween parties, new curriculum's etc.

I am originally from Canada. I guess I may head back for Christmas this year have not decided yet depends on the ticket prices.

Anyway maybe in my next blog I will add some guides to Japan, talk about learning Japanese... I don't know.

Take Care


Hi!!! Nice to met you! I'm a newie in this forum!!!!

OMG!!! You live in Japan!! oOo)/ that's great, you know?
You have a school... school of what? o.o??

and you're Canadien... so... you know French? o.o?
Anyway!!! I'll be waiting for your next blog entry!!! You must post something interesting!! xD : )

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