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My First Blog.

I'm not usually a blog kind of person as i never seem to find the time to do them.

Anyway, a bit about me.

I am English
I am a girl
I love Anime/Manga
I love Anime/Manga pairings. Especially IchiRuki at the moment.
I am attempting to learn Japanese
I do not like dubbed anime (in most cases)
I am currently sitting my GCSEs
I love music
I hope for a career in Performing Arts
I do not know how to blog properly in a short amount of time.

I will properly blog about my fav animes/mangas in more detail later. Also about my favourite Japanese musical artists and songs as well as any other stuff i get up to that people might find interesting (if that will ever happen in the near future due to annoying exams)

There we go.

My first blog.



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