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"music is good's" living in Japan

I'll first start by saying I came to Okinawa via the United States Air Force during the Vietnam War. I was stationed at Kadena Air Base and then after some time was transferred to Yokota Air Base outside of Tachikawa, at least I always thought so. Didn't have a map at that time.
When getting my assignment to go over seas, I knew it would be an adventure, well, not really if I were to be going to South Vietnam. I did get to Thailand, Philippines, Taiwan and of course, Okinawa.
I'd like to make this journal for those that read it, see Japan in a way where there aren't that many bright lights, but a country where one lives what many Japanese consider the "countryside" of Japan. Which is Yamaguchi Prefecture.
I returned to Japan to my wife's hometown with our daughter in March of 1993 and have been here since. I had no idea what it would be like living in Japan other then when I left the States, I said, just go and find out.
I'll post often as I'll have some pictures and daily events that I've experience that I'll also talk about. I'll say if you come to Japan, make sure you get your driver license as soon as possible, other then that, I doubt you'll heard anymore advice from me. Where I live, I got to admit, I never had to worry about my safety unless I was on my scooter or out cycling.

So for those interested, please feel free to visit my journal, and any comments are welcome.

Thank you

I guess most people want to experience the "cherry blossom bbq" here is mine

hanami party me.JPG

And of course, the shrines and temples
country shrine.JPG

And the smell of the persimmons, which as of Nov. 11, it's persimmon time


And a must to see, the countryside farmer's plot of land
country garden.JPG

Thank you for stopping by

music is good


Well, I'm still confused on how to use this journal, so I'll just post this and see what happens.
Here are some recent pictures in Ube , Yamaguchi ken

12  cherry blossom.JPG
13 Cherry blossom.JPG
14 cherry blossom.JPG

This lady was out picking zenmai, it looks like a seahorse weed. Good for tempura.
47 farmer lady.jpg

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