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MOTOR CRASH is not just a song by the Sugarcubes

My beloved Nissan March was involved in a minor trafic accident yesterday afternoon.

I was at a stop light on a quiet street under an over-pass. This metalic blue Mazda Demio (which, btw, was chosen as the 2007 car of the year) in front of me backed into me.

The driver, a 42 year old man in a business suit on a Sunday, claimed that he was trying to back into a parking spot to our right and did not see my car.

My car is pretty hard to miss. It is YELLOW.
On the official Nissan March web-site, it is labeled as IRISH CREAM but it is YELLOW.
The man was not paying any attention to his surroundings whatsoever.

Anyway, he was apologetic as he should have been and after about 5 minutes of swearing my head off, I calmed down enough to exchange names and phone numbers, etc. before calling the cops so they could write up the reports.

Now, my March has a bigg-*** dent and a crack on the front bumper. The bumper will be replaced and it will be paid for by the man's insurance company..... but I am traumatized.

First of all, I have just gotten my driver's license less than a year ago and this was my first experience being involved in any kind of accidents. I have been a VERY careful driver and never once have I failed to signal, stop where I should, keep safe distance from the cars ahead of me, etc. STILL I got hit. Ever since yesterday afternoon, I have been really nervous driving the same route I have been driving for the past 11 months.

Secondly, I really surprised myself with my rather violent reaction to the other driver. No, I did not beat him or anything but I was really going OFF on him, calling him names and telling him how stupid he was. I never had imagined I would behave like that in a situation like this.

Anyway, I guess I should be grateful that no one got hurt, and he should be REALLY grateful that he did not hit the REAR bumper where I have the Boston Red Sox bumper sticker on. He would have been dead!!

Grrrrrrrrrrrr..... just THINKING about the accident makes me SOOOOO mad!!! :box:


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