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More Tamagawa Vistas

If you live in the south or the west of Tokyo or northern Kanagawa, the Tamagawa River lends itself to recreation or exploration for hikers and cyclists alike. The stretch west of Futakotamagawa, in particular, offers stunning views and plenty of cultural and historical places along its banks. There are cycle paths on both sides of the river that are also suitable for inexperienced cyclists. They start at the dry beaches and the reed beds of the Tama estuary just west of Haneda Airport and lead all the way up to Hamura.

Below are a few photos from a beautiful but scorching hot day.

Tama Bridge (多摩大橋) with Mount Fuji visible on the left of the red arc.

Tama Bridge (多摩大橋)

Tama Bridge (多摩大橋)

View of the Tama River and the mountains of Chichibu in the west.

Tama River

Tama River

The Tama as seen from Mutsumi Bridge (睦橋).

Interesting for sake aficionados: the Ishikawa Brewery is just around the corner.

Mutsumi Bridge (睦橋)

A pedestrian bridge close to Hamura Weir.

Pedestrian bridge

Hamura Weir (羽村堰 Hamura zeki)

Hamura Weir (羽村堰)

Statue of the Tamagawa Brothers.

Tamagawa Bros

Hamura Weir

Hamura Weir

The origination of the Tamagawa Aqueduct (玉川上水 Tamagawa Jōsui) that leads all the way to central Tokyo.

Tamagawa Jōsui

Tamagawa Jōsui

Close to the confluence of the Tama and the Asagawa rivers.

Despite its vicinity to an incineration plant a picturesque place to cool your feet on a hot summer day.


More Tamagawa exploration to follow. :)


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