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Mojiko Station, Kita-Kyushu

So on the 11th of Nov. 2019, we went to Mojiko in Kita Kyushu. There was a big flea market there, but I can't locate the pictures on my phone, but here are a few with my camera at Mojiko Station.

Mojiko Station

2 mojiko station.JPG

She looks happy!

enjoying the station.JPG

First time I ever drank coffee at Starbucks, and it sucked. 290 yen for muddy water. I also think it took away the real history of this train station. You won't find a Kentucky Fried Chicken or a McDonald's here.

entrance  Starbucks.JPG

The front of the station looks like it had a major overhaul on it.

front entrance mojiko station.JPG

Kids enjoying the old time of ringing the station bell.

ringing the bell mojiko station.JPG

When in Mojiko, you got to try out the "yaki curry". Good stuff, but pricey.

This was an antique matsuri held once a year. Thousands of people come here.
This is the original toilet stop for both men and women. They upgraded the electronics of it , but still remains the "old station feel".

1 mojiko restroom.JPG

Got to have them vending machines!

2 mojiko vending machines.JPG

This is the bus and taxi area. Notice the high hill in the background. Many of them here.

3 bus and taxi area.JPG

This is the antique flea market. I often wonder how much of this stuff is made from China and says "antique". LOL
My wife collected many antique dolls while we lived in California so I think she has got a good eye for the real mc coy.

4 flea market.JPG

We ate here. I'll tell you my story later about the restaurant. Called "Hungry's".

6 Hungry's yaki curry restaurant.JPG

A time zone of the '60s.

7 Hungry's restaurant.JPG
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Amazing pictures and story. Thank you for sharing with us. The Starbucks part was really funny.

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