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Missing him already

Just saw him yesterday.. But I'm not going to see him for 2 weaks :S I have to prefent that !
I'm unshure If I don't see him longer than one day...
I wish he was more open..
I'm afraid to lose him. at the moment, he is my everything :(
But he is shy and all,, And he is sweet and I love him,. But I'm afraid he things diffrent about me now were togheter..
He didn't respond to my tekst message this morning.. I hope he just didn't notice :(


It's not easy to have a relationship on distance, but hold on! Believe in your relationship and talk to each other what you both want. In my opinion one of the best things in a distance relationship is, is that you should talk more than an average couple (they just sit next to each other and do nothing..) while you can talk true the phone or msn all the time.

Use the webcam, and if you don't get a lot of message from him. just tell him to send a message back so now and then.

Good luck and if you have any questions you can always ask me (if been in a 9month relation ship at your age with someone in Tilburg while I was living in Amsterdam, and a 2 year relationship with a distance of Holland and Japan)

Have a good new year!
Aw...try not to fall too hard!
My bf lives about 2 hours away but we're making it. Have faith and try not to get frustrated too easily.

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