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Matsuri means "Festival"

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“Matsuri” means Festival
Matsuri is a festival held several times each year
in all towns around Japan. The kami "god" of the
city that weights like a ton, is paraded through the
town in a procession to honor the kami in hopes
for success of business and the well being of the
towns people.
I have lived here in Japan for more than tweleve
years and had often been an on looker of the
matsuri festivals in my area. I’ve always been
in awe of the entire spectacle.
When I built my home in Misaki town, my
fiends invited me to join him with our friends in
the matsuri events to encourage safety and success
in my new home and new home town. :wave:


“Suburashi” means Wonderful

One of the most amazing aspects of Japan is its
sunsets. I am awed by the radiance. I don’t recall
such brilliant luminous sunsets back home. I never
see two that are at all similar. Besides beauty,
Japan’s sunsets sometimes provide chance at a
glimps of Mt. Fuji. In Japanese we call her
Fuji-san. Fuji-san is the world’s largest active
volcano and is located in Shizoka.
Japan is infamous for it’s humidity. For this reason
the sky is often hazey. In order to see Fuji-san
even at times in Shizoka, the sky must be cloudless.
From a distance, chance comes usually in winter when
the air is crisp and dry.
When I purchased my property in Japan, it was actually
one of my Japanese builders who brought to my
attention that he could see Fuji-san from my land.
One could image my shock and surprise.
Fuji-san is believed by the Japanese to give off
powerful positive energy. I certainly feel elated at
any chance to see her. The fact that Fuji-san is in
Shizoka, a three hour drive from my home in Misaki
only exemplifies my awe. :wave:

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