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Marriage Update

We talked it over a lot the past couple of days, and we've narrowed our options quite considerably. Our current plan is as follows:

Move in together in May.
On a Daian day in May get married, possibly the twelfth.
Drive around Shikoku for part one of our honeymoon. Part two of the honeymoon will be when we have the ceremony in America for the sake of my parents. (That'll be a lot of work for me, though, as no one else in either of our families speaks both Japanese and English....😌

I never realized before how involved a name-change was before... Yesterday I realized for the first time that I'l have to change the name in the title for my car, the car insurance, and some other things. The big things I was aware of, but there are a zillion little things that get involved with your name, too. I respect every person who changes their name upon marriage, be it man or woman.

Oh, I just realized that my JITSUIN will have to be changed, too... Wow, it never stops...


Congratulations! It's ... just amazing how this is happening. Best of luck to you!
Don't forget to change your name on your passport and if you plan on traveling, leave enough time! :)

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