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LP Gas vs. Electric (Correction)

The other day I decided to figure out how much the cost of LP gas fluctuates over time, so I started to calculate the unit price of LP gas per cubic meter. I saw something interesting.

The price of LP gas fluctuated directly proportionally to the amount of gas I used every month.

"Something is wrong here," I told myself, so I did some new calculations.

It turns out that due to the fact that my gas bill does not itemize the basic service charge, I had been incorporating the basic service charge into the unit price of LP gas. This is very significant, because after my new calculations, I see that the basic service charge comes to 1900 yen per month.

Therefore I had to recalculate the unit price of LP gas minus the basic service charge.

My new numbers are as follows:

49.92 yen per hour using the small burner
88.09 yen per hour using the large burner

Still, my calculations for electric were correct (I know this because the electric bill actually states the unit cost of electricity per kilowatt hour), so even with my new numbers for gas, electricity is still cheaper at 30.268 yen an hour.

It looks like it'll take a while longer for my electric burner to pay for itself than I originally thought....

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