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love ?

I think it's a strange thing.. I liked him.. but after kissing him the love came from both sides..
I want to be with him every moment now.. But I just know that is not possible but it hurts..
I understand that this is just an early stage but still..

He thinks that ouhr love will last quite long..
I'm afraid... Not many boys last that long with me.. I want him to last long. Not like my last boyfriend I got into that relation with the idea we would brake up soon..

But I'm older now. And he is older than my last boyfriend.. And diffrent.. He doesn't look like any boy I dated before. And I love him.. I feel it..
It started difficult from my site tough.. Cause I never wanted to fall in love with him..
I told myself not to fall in love with anyone who became one of my group this new school year..
But I did.. At least we are not the only copple.. And the other one gets a lot more attantion than we do.. So we have more time for ouhrselfs.. Only the ones that are closer to us in the group itself can be a little irritating..
Like today during a practicum P said M(my boyfriend) should stop flirting with me and help him.. I didn't like that.. P is a good friend of the both of us.. and the way he said that was like he didn't like the idea of us togheter.. I wish I understoud that wrong...


AW!!! *singsong* Tsukiko's in love Tsukiko's in love!!
Girl just don't stress yourself out over it! It's cuteeeee!!

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