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long long time

I broke-up with my boyfriend about 2 months ago now. I'm angry at him now but a lot happend in between. Before we broke up and after..
I became very close with a friend of mine in that time.. And I feel alot for him, but he is the first man I feel special for. That is hard to get for me and isn't gay >.< He is complicated. But we had one date now and it will become more I think.. He says he feels special fot me to.. But I can't get any hight of him
Really the first man I met that is really difficult and not just seams to be that way. But he is special I know that. He is someone I'm really able to trust. And he care's. He is mature to...
But somethimes I think it is to soon for me after my ex-boyfriend.. And I don't want to lose him as the buddy he has become now.. Altough I don't think the same thing will happen as it went with my ex boyfriend.. Maybe we need time to grow even closer.. We almost arn't able to spend a day without talking now.. soo.


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