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I guess I own you guys this 😌
I went to my boyfriend in the christmas holliday..
It was scary *** hell ! I met his parents. they were nice but kind of boring.. they showed vacation photoalbums that was kind of fun.
I teased him with looking grumpy all the time :p
He is adorible when I tease him
But now his mom kind of tells the rest of the famally about me.. And they don't really understand the fact that my dad is from a islamic country doesn't matter.. Cause when his mom told his grandpa, he was like moslims and stuf.. and My BF doesn't know how to handle responces like that.. I'm not islamic at all. Me and my BF believe in the same way.. (something like we don't believe at all 😊)
But people directly think I'm influenced by my dad and all. And his famlly is like a 200% dutch.. and all grew up in a small violence villige.. so they have a totally wrong vision....
I till hate the fact that he is shy when the other boys from school are around.. I know they like the way he is anyway but he tries to be cool in frond of them.. I kind of hate that ☺
But well he will come over to me this monday.. But my dad acted really weard today,, my mom got angry at him. he mumbled something about that my BF was luckey he was allowed to come over.. my mom didn't hear it.. but she was alreaddy angry cause he wouldn't tell his brother that I have a boyfriend while my cousin from my dad's sis has a girlfriend (and he lives in the country my dad is from)
I hope he won't act weird when my boyfriend is here monday... couse he will ruin everything I tried to do


I had trouble understanding, but i must ask of the family orientation in your country. In my own country, the religious intollerance is acceptable (sadly), but the choice would remain your BF's if your BF is of a certain age (usually 18). Unless they can come up with a better reason aside from racism and/or religious intolerance, they're simple minded and need to grow up. I face this kind of stuff all the time, only it's not with relationships. As a christian, i have been branded with the sins of people who do non-christian things in the name of christianity.

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