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Little rap to haters...

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Here we go, and hey, yo. Let me show you how to flow this **** hoe. Well, trying to teach me new stuff won't work for you, because in that case I might murder you.
I don't even need a gun for that kind of trick, all I got to do is take a bat that's would be pretty thick, and smack you upside the head like you never been hit before, and then you'll see how will your jaw drops on the floor. Oh, and don't cry, there is nothing sad about it, only maybe the fact your the one behind it. You're the one that tried to change my life, you're the one that screwed it all tonight. You sound like a preacher, like we're in a ******* church, I think your brain should already pass the torch. Because it seems like your life is a little messed up, so don't try and change me because you didn't get it tonight. You agree with me or not, you better let me live. I got my own views that I chose for me. You're precious God might care about you, but all he did for me is to screw my life half way through. And I'm just 22, what will happen when I'll be 40? Maybe God will play a joke on me and send a zombie that is blood thirsty? Oh, hey, everything is possible when your God, right? Throwing me from a cliff he might. Well, so, let me tell you something G... You better stop messing with me. I don't care who you are and I care less about your rules, you make everyone else look likes fools. I am going to be different and teach you all a lesson, that what are you learned is nothing but dissing. You prove me wrong, while you can handle the truth, well, for you the truth is like a pain in the tooth. You feel so weak when someone says it like it is, that you quickly switch everything to make it less.

So, people what you have to say? Well, **** ya'll, i don't even care.


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