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Life Goes on and on

It's May now and things are going good and bad.


-I found the job of my life working in a REAL Japanese Sushi Take Away

-I've got a good friend who I can thrust and who is a soulmate of mine

-My parents are doing well financially and their health is better then ever

-I'm gonna travel to countries where I never been to

-I'm not sure what is going to happen in the future for me, I'm going to work in the restaurant or shop of my parents.

-I probably don't pass school wich means I cannot have a proper diploma

-I still didn't found a gal with who I can have a nice relationship with, I had Vietnamese galfriend, Chinese, Thai....
But I'm definetly sure I will find a Japanese Galfriend one day

-I'm searching for a OST of 窶儂窶堙?窶冦窶堙ァ窶堙遺?堋「 (Daremo Shiranai) I can't download it anywhere

Life goes on and on, every day is a day lesser in your life, every day is daily routine.
Some are happy to live some not.
But what I think is that I still have to find that small measure of peace that we're all searching for but some of us ever find.


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