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Let's give this a try

Not one for blogs, as anyone who has seen my myspace page will know, but I thought why not.
I shall start by saying I started Argentine Tango lessons on Monday. I have done some before in my private lessons, but they are a mixture of other dances I do, plus I am starting to work towards my medals for waltz and foxtrot, so I don't do it as often as I would like.
Not bad for a first lesson and so far it is quite easy. It might get harder as more steps are added. I'm not worried, yet.


Interesting!! I loved dancing when I was young and would love to take lessons.
But the thing that's stopping me is that I don't like the way the students, especially women, want to splurge on dance outfits and dresses and shoes for shows and competitions.
The same with a lot of "cultural classes" aimed at women like me... (`ヘ´)
Well hey thats good! It's better then boring yourself right?
It's going to very hard so be prepared!
Hi there Mycernius! :wave:
I need to get dancing lessons before the wedding... :D :D :D
How's it going?

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