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Les Misrables!

I went movie shopping today.

I've always loved movies. Good dramas, thrillers or funny action movies are among my favourite genders. Some people go to the extent call me extremely picky, but I tend to ignore such comments after those very people state that they enjoyed watching xXx (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0295701/) or X-Man. I mean.. how bad can those movie be?

There are so many good (or at least acceptable) movies to pick, that I can't understand why people watch certain movies. Something is definitely wrong when people didn't watch any of the following: Amélie, Schindler's list, As good as it gets, Terminal, The Shawshank Redemption, Cidade de Deus, Empire of the sun, Ben-Hur, (I could go on for hours..) and yet claim to have watched all X-Men, scary movies, xXx, Spider man and Resident evils. Twice!

To keep ramblings short. I was mainly looking for Amélie (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0211915/) but unfortunately, after looking everywhere I was unable to find a copy. I even looked for the Lethal Weapon pack. I really wished I had those 4 movies. :D

I'll take this opportunity to check the new embedded video functionality.

Even if I didn't find these, I happened to come across the Empire of the sun and Akira. Both now belonging to my, still scarce, collection.

I also happened to find the movie of Les Misérables, which I didn't even know it existed. I've been looking for the book for years and years. After thinking for a few seconds I decided not to ruin the story by watching the movie version. I was basically saving all the fun to the real thing, the book. This recall about Les Misérables made me go looking (once again) for the book. After another unsuccessful run through the (huge) book sections, I decided to ask the store's employees if the book was in stock. To my big surprise, it was! They quickly fetched the book for me and now I'm finally going to read it!!

I guess this means my Japanese spree is going to delayed for some (lots of) weeks as I'm not planning to read the book in fast mode.
Which is OK, since I realized that my main problem regarding Japanese is that my sentence building is still not instant. I know the rules, I know how to build the sentences, but they just take too long to be mentally built in my head. I'll continue to use the on-foot part of my daily routine travel to stop building the sentences in Portuguese and then translating them to Japanese. I realise that the only way to get better is to think Japanese right away. For this, I keep speaking out (not so) loud sentences of what I, or other people, are doing.

Meanwhile, while this objective is not met, people will probably continue to distance from me as I walk by.


I suppose different people look for different things in the movies they choose to watch.

I, for one, tend to choose those light-hearted, often mindless fun type of films to watch after a long day.

By the way, xXx, despite of what you may think of it, is a masterpiece! It is always fascinating to watch Vin Diesel. You can see the oh-so-complex thespian mind of his hard at work in his blank stares. It is truly chilling at times.
What I watch in movies is dictated by my mood and who I'm with really lol. Generally I like simple movies because I dont have to think too much and can enjoy the shiney action and the eye candy. But complex and more thought provoking movies have their place too. So I like different types of movies for different reasons.
I like simple movies as much as the next guy. They are ideal to vegetate on the couch. Action movies with good guys versus bad guys are great for this.

But one thing is watching those movies, other thing is to state that they are great! I can't understand how xXx can be considered a master piece though.

More embedded videos!!
Check the dialogues, check the "action". But I guess it is a matter of tastes. There is a Portuguese saying: "Tastes don't argue". Which I guess applies wonderfully to this situation.

I personally love a movie that makes me think or grow inside.
So do I! But you can consider a movie great if it serves it's purpose. I mean it may not be memorable but it was a good time killer at least. Some people have very simple tastes and are easily pleased, some need movies that are more intellectually stimulating so they can debate with their film club or class afterwards. I fall somewhere in between, I'm quite open to all types of movies but I'm not afraid to admit that I love the Harry Potter and the Xmen series! (except Xmen 3...that WAS tripe...)

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