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Just 3 days left..

Hey a new entry from me..

About the girl.... she didn't want a relation with me :( She said she didn't want to get attached to me cause I would leave her to soon...
I understand what she ment.. But it did hurt.. But I'm over it .. but I'm still glad I kissed her.

I recieved my alpha copie a few days ago. I listen to it a lot it sounds really great !!!!!!

The moving is getting close..
We are packing already.. Boxes are standing all over the house. And it's really hard chosing what I want to keep and want to leave.. It's hard :(

I'm getting a bit scared, but I'm also a bit excited.. It's all new a new language and I'm already learning a bit Dutch trough internet XD It's funny I don't know if I pronounce the words right tough XD I think they pronounce things the same as in german not ?


Well, actually, we don't really have an accent. so that would be much easier to pronounce. But it sounds a bit familiar to german yes.
But our language is a bit dull. (i think).
I won't say that arlet.. You don't think we have but every language had his own way of pronouncing words.
But Dutch is quite simple but it has a lot of uncleare and stupid rules.
Warm welcome from the Netherlands.. too you~! :wave: Hope you have a good time here!
Right, stupid rules :lol:

But you know Toshi, if you talk german. Most people will also understand... at least here in Limburg.

Btw, Welcome in the Netherlands! :wave:
whaha XD alret only limbolanders talk german XD Don't try it in Eindhoven or more to the west XD Ok were used to Limbo's around here cause were a study city XD But we still make fun of them :p

And welcome to the netherlands !
It's limbo-chan for yuu~! ;)

And, WE limbolanders, will survive when the sealevel gets higher... Mwuhahahaaaa~! :win:
(Lame joke, sorry :p)
Emmm Eindhoven will survive to :D so that doesn't make any scence :D It wil be Eindhoven aan zee :D (Eindhoven by the sea) or Eindhoven Beach

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