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With all the fuss about Japan and fingerprinting, it actually got my husband and I talking more throughly about our future together. He has never said that I have to become Japanese (as in passport) if we move to Japan. Just as I make no issue with him being a Japanese citizen living in the USA. He was curious though if I would ever consider giving up my US passport for a Japanese one. I guess the answer is yes. Of course there are conditions. If we were living in Japan had our own family (as in children) there, then yes I would. At that point why wouldn't I want to be the same nationality as the rest of my family. He thought that was ok, but that it didn't matter to him overall. He said that it would be ok to do whatever made me happy and comfortable. I already knew his answer on getting a US passport. Basically he feels the same way I do, except that as long as his job is in Japan he wants to keep his Japanese citizenship because if he got called back to Tokyo it would be difficult as an American. I love the USA overall, there are things I don't like and I can say the same for Japan. I guess it would be trading one set issues for another. There's always something to complain about; I don't believe there is a utopia anywhere...well except in my dreams! Oh, the one other thing is that I wouldn't want to switch nationalities really until my mom passes away. I hate to think of that day, but she has some serious health issues and if I had to come back to take care of her it would be easier as an American. She would never go to Japan. Anyway, we take our lives on a day to day basis and that works for us right now.

I am looking forward to my trip to Guam. I can't wait for the warm/hot weather! Yay! Then after Guam we leave for Tokyo on the 30th. Yay again! I can't wait to see my in-laws. Also this trip I will have my niece with me and I can't wait for her to see Japan! Also I have some shopping to do for a really special young lady! :) You know who you are!


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