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Why are they so cute?
Why are they so friendly?
Why are they so sexy?
Why are they so shy?
Why are they so funny?

How come they are so cute?
How come they are so friendly?
How come they are so sexy?
How come they are so shy?
How come they are so funny?

Why and How do I love them?
Why and How do I adore them?

It's because I: LoveSugarlessUndercooledUnpluggedSushi!


There are a lot of cute girls in Japan, but I think that you are exaggerating a bit now. You like like a fan boy of all Japanese girls...
Naah, I Like Asian Girls only, but I prefer to have a Japanese Girlfriend it's much easier to communicate and they are way more cooler, sexier and funnier ..''sometimes.. :p

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