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Japan Rail Pass - Just Purchased!!

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So it's getting more real now. I'm actually going to Japan in less than two weeks!! So excited :D

Today I purchased my JR Pass for 7 days, ordinary. It cost $344 USD or 28335.28 yen. Apparently, you can only buy the pass through authorized dealers found here (North America). Since I'm not flying with JAL or ANA I chose to go through JTB USA. I called to ask some specific info (I have a friend coming with me and he's from Texas) and received all the answers I was looking for from a very nice JTB USA representative here in California.

She sent me the forms needed to my email, I filled them out, sent them back and will be picking up my pass before I leave for Japan. Some useful information regarding the JR pass can be found at their site here.

So when I get to Japan, i'll trade in my "exchange order" which is what JTB USA will give me and hand it over at the JR Station to get my actual pass. Then it's off for some adventure :)

I can't wait to just be on the plane. That's my favorite part of travel. Checking in at the airport and boarding the plane. Not sure why, I'm weird like that I guess :)


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