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Japan Now! - 5 MORE of the Top Crazy and Weird Japanese Candy

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Join me this week on Japan Now! as I try 5 more insane and crazy Japanese candies. Be warned, some of the worst gummies and hard/soft candy are tasted in this video. Not for the faint of heart! Don't forget to stay after the title card for another bonus scene! Continue to be prepared for nonsense.

I hope everyone can enjoy this one as well.

About author
Greetings! I'm Kazekawa! I'm an English teacher, gamer and video creator living in Japan.

You can count on my 10 years of experience living in Japan to highlight and reveal various aspects of Japanese life and culture with my particular brand of comedy and humor.

Feel free to ask questions, make requests and comment on anything you see, and I will always get back to you.


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