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It's been a while since I've posted anything. Funny how life can be dull and boring at one moment and then in an instant it's crazy. Well I am at the crazy, insane stage. I have too many irons in the fire, all of my own choosing, and now I am paying the price. :p

We are in the process of getting Katsumi his spouse visa and then green card. I was a little surprised by all the information we each had to gather. I even had to have affidavits from friends saying that we really are married and do love each other. They want bank accounts and even or joint membership to the YMCA to prove that we really are a "real" couple. I wanted to laugh and tell them if they new my family the fact that Katsumi is still at my side shows that he really does love me, because most men would have left by now!

We have to go to Chicago tomorrow to pick up his new passport from the Japanese Consulate. He needed one with the biometric information. His didn't so last week we drove the old passport down and presto, tomorrow we'll have his new passport.

Sunday morning we leave for Japan. I am not looking forward to the flight. It's just too long and uncomfortable. The only thing that makes it bearable is the fact that I can visit my father-in-law. He is the best man in the world to me. I love him dearly.

I hope everyone here that I know is doing well and I hope to catch up with everyone soon.

Trish :)


Good luck with your application process! My brother went through that a couple years ago, but it turned out fine in the end, so I am confident that you'll be fine, too.

Have a good flight! I couldn't agree more about how uncomfortable it is, but like you say, there is a rather bright light at the end of that tunnel!
thanks Mikawa Ossan...I am sure it will all be fine in the end. It's just this grey area that we live in that is very hard. We aren't here or there. Plus, Katsumi can be made to stay in Japan until the process is complete. That worries me to no end. I try to not think about it and just hope and pray for the best. I love the country side and the small towns of Japan, but the thought of having to live in Tokyo terrifies me. I think it's an amazing city, just not the place I can live in. I am a country girl at heart. I'll be in Tokyo soon enough, I believe Monday afternoon Tokyo time! :)
Have a good travel and wish you good luck in your new life in Japan. Adaptation can be a bit hard, but when you have love everything is possible. :) It was good to see your story here.

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