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I'm new

Usually don't do things like blogs and joining forums, but I decided its time for me to branch out and to seek the new. I've been in Japan about 5 years now and so far its been great besides from my Job which I wont elaborate on. for now that's all i have to say. i need to figure out how to change my avatar. and think of some really deep things to say and ask...


Hey welcome!

I know what you're talking about in regards to blog, I just started one myself, its quite daunting, especially when you are trying to keep content going for it.

Anyway I look forward to your blog and more stories from you, I plan on moving to Japan soon myself.
While watching NHK world on TV I decided to search for an extensive website in which I can find everything about Japan - a culture that I have been fond of since my childhood. Now I joined JREF and can access a lot of posts, feeling happy to read. So I am new too, but my interest in Japan is not, and as in my country it is always told that Japanese tech is the highest, Japanese people are the ones with the most respect, responsibility and strongest ties in traditions, I am glad to see all of these are verified in here. Thanks for being yourself.

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