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Ikebukuro Station Tour (池袋)

Ikebukuro Station Tour (池袋) in a 360 video


With numerous stores, an aquarium, and the Sunshine 60 skyscraper and observation deck, Up-and-coming Ikebukuro is famous for the Sunshine City complex. In Naka-Ikebukuro Park, indie shops for anime and manga dot the nearby streets, and cosplay fans hang out. Tokyo Metropolitan Theater performs opera and classical concerts. The region's diverse dining options are anime-themed cafes, ramen shops, and sushi bars.

Ikebukuro (池袋) is the name given to the district around Ikebukuro station in the Toshima district of the Japanese capital Tokyo (officially only the name of some streets in the neighbourhood). The dominant building on the Ikebukuro skyline is Sunshine 60, a 60-storey skyscraper that was the tallest in Japan when it was built and stands on the site of the former Sugamo prison.

On 1 May 1889, Mura Ikebukuro (池袋村) was incorporated into Mura Sugamo (巣鴨村), which split off from Machi Sugamo (巣鴨町). On 20 July 1918, the Mura Sugamo became the Machi Nishisugamo (西巣鴨町). On 1 October 1932, Nishisugamo, Nagasaki (長崎町), Sugamo and Takada (高田町) formed the new Toshima Municipality of the then Tokyo City.

Sunshine City is on the east side of the station, which consists of shopping arcades, offices, a hotel, and Sunshine 60. To the west of the Sunshine City are numerous shops related to Japanese pop culture, mainly aimed at a female audience. For this reason, this part of Ikebukuro has also been nicknamed Otome Road (乙女ロード Otome Rōdo, lit.: girls' street). There are several large department stores, including Seibu and Mitsukoshi. The neighbourhood behind the Bungeiza Theatre is dominated mainly by Love Hotels, massage parlours and other sex-oriented establishments. There are also many typical restaurants, bars and cinemas. On the west side is the Tōbu department stores', the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space. Ikebukuro is home to Rikkyō University, the Tokyo Conservatory of Music and Teikyō Heisei University.
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