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If Music Be The Food Of Love...

I got into a big fight with my mother right after coming home last June after 20 years of living abroad.

It happened at a small family gathering with my parents, my brother and his family. One of my nieces who was a highschool freshman was telling me about who were popular in the Japanese popular music scene these days. I told her that I used to be really into music when I was her age and asked my mother where all my old records were. I used to have quite a collection of records. From the Idol Pop of the 80s to the underground punk / New Wave and everything in between.

I just could not believe it when my mother told me she had thrown them away when they moved into my grandmother's old house a few years prior. OK, granted that she never thought I would come back and it was taking up storage space, it was MY stuff!!!

You know, in the movies, a mother would hold onto her dead child's school arts & craft projects looooong after the unfortunate trafic accident. My mother, who knew how much those records meant to her son, just got rid of them. I was REALLY upset and said things a grown up is not supposed to say to his elderly mother. She just couldn't understand why her 38 year old son was so upset over a bunch of old records. She even attempted to change the subject! The NERVE!!

Anyway, in the following months, I have been trying to replace those records via the internet auctions and posting ads on the internet forums. I have bought about 50 of them so far ( it turns out a lot of those records have since been re-issued on CD ). Sadly, while it is certainly nice to listen to the songs I used to love after so many years, the majority of them leaves me wondering, "What was I Thinking!?", and these are the songs I thought were THE BESTEST IN THE WORLD.

They say that a piece of music really takes you back to the time long gone. It really does. The thing is, though, it embarrass me to the next galaxy to remember the teenage version of myself alone in my room, listening to SOMEDAY by 債イ窶禿ャナ陳ウ春 (Motoharu Sano), going "This is IT!! The SHIZNIT!! The song is about ME!! 😭".

For those of you who are not familiar with Mr. Sano, he's a singer-songwriter who used to be, and still is to a certain degree, very popular among those of us who were "hip".

If you're curious what the song SOMEDAY is like, it is a total rip off of Bruce Springsteen's Hungry Heart.

If you don't know who Springsteen is, you're probably very young, so start being extra extra nice to your mom NOW so she wouldn't throw out your CDs / delete your MP3 files the minute you leave home.


Someday 窶堋ア窶堙娯?ケツケ窶堙 Someday ツ青セ窶堋、窶堙ヲ Someday

窶ーテケ窶堋ゥ窶堋オ窶堋「窶堙??堋キ窶堙銀?堋・ツ。:)ツ ナステ?窶堙坂?堋ア窶堙≫?堋ソツ?ォ窶堙娯?堙吮?堋、窶堋ェツ好窶堋ォ窶堙??堋キ窶堋ェツ。

窶堋ソ窶堙・ツ〜窶堙 窶挌窶堙娯?堙ヲ窶堋、窶堙 窶堋ウ窶堙ヲ窶堙遺?堙ァ窶堋ェ窶藩??堙慊〜窶堋オ窶堋ス

窶堋?窶堙ェ窶堙?窶堋「窶堋「窶ーテ娯?堋セ窶堙≫?堋ス窶堋ッ窶堙? "窶卍ョ窶堋「窶堙??堋「窶堙??堋ア窶堙≫?冪窶堋ク窶堋ゥ窶堋オ窶堋ュ 窶堙 窶堙ゥ"ツ 窶堙≫?堙??堋「窶堋、窶彑窶堙??堙債 SOMEDAYツ 窶堙俄?堙坂?堋ゥ窶堙遺?堙ュ窶堙遺?堋「窶堋ゥ窶堙?ツ。

窶佚イ窶彡ナ陳、窶愿ア窶堋ェツ債イ窶禿ャ窶堙娯?ケテ遺?堙ー窶堋「窶堋ュ窶堙や?堋ゥニ谷ニ弛ツー窶堋オ窶堙??堙ゥ窶堙ア窶堙??堋キ窶堋ッ窶堙??卍ョ窶堋「窶堋ス窶堋ア窶堙??堋?窶堙ィ窶堙懌?堋キツ?ツ ツ青コツ・窶ーテ娯?堋「窶「テサ窶堋ェナス窶披?堙??堋「窶堙??堋ソ窶堙・窶堙≫?堙??堙鯛?堙≫?堋ュ窶堙ィツ。ツ

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