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I'd like to talk with you about Japanese Anime and Manga

Hey guys!What's up!
This is Sakura.
nice to meet you☆
I really love Japanese culture and animation ,Manga.
I would like to hear you "what animation or manga you like?"
Also which Japanese Cultures is famous in your country?
Thank you for reading my Blog.
waiting for your reply.
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Hi Sakura,

I am applying for the MEXT scholarship to study for my PhD in Japan next year (fingers crossed!) so I'm very anxiously waiting for the results...

I live in the USA, I watch anime but don't really read any manga. For anime, my all-time favorites are Fairy Tail and Sora no Otoshimono. Close behind these, my favorites are:
-Chrome Shelled Regios
-Legend of Legendary Heroes
I love CSR so much I almost started reading the manga just to continue the story :)
I'm embarrassed to admit that I haven't watched Naruto or Bleach yet (I know, it's crazy)...I guess I'm reluctant to dive into such long-running shows right away.

I can't say there are many people who like (or even know) Japanese culture in my country -- but I've loved Japan since primary school, and studied karate for 10 years and their architecture is my favorite. I also studied some Japanese art forms that my grandmother (pro artist) learned while vising there.
Unfortunately, I've never been there myself! However, while looking for universities I met quite a few professors and students who I talk with very regularly and it has been great to learn from actual Japanese citizens.

What are your favorites, Sakura?
  • nice to meet you sakura. I love many japanese animations my all time favorite would have to be another or deathnote. whats your favorite artist in the anime industry?
I've just read Pluto mangag series and it's really great. Have you read that?
My other favorites include: Doraemon :)p), Gantz, Dragon balls,...

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