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I HEART Kame-chan!!!!

OMG.... the thread titled "KAT-TUN makemescream" in the music section is getting out of control.
Here, see for yourselves.

KAT-TUN makemescream!

I can almost hear those two girls posting hyper-ventilating. I am worried they would spontaneously combust at any moment.

I don't usually read those threads dedicated to pretty boy J-poppers but since there was no other "new posts" I checked it out.

Are J-pop fans all like this? One of the posters actually knew the height, weight, the body measurements (bust, hip, waist, etc) of the object of her obssession.

I deeply admire that. That is true devotion.
I really like the Boston Red Sox but I do NOT know if Jason Varitek has a "sexy mole on his shoulder" like one of the girls says about one of the KAT-TUN members. WOW.

Anyway, it really was a very interesting peek into the secret world only a few of us geezers get to see.


hahahaha You know what? One of the researchers where I'm studying is looking at these "Johnny's Boys" type boy bands and the extent of the internet fandom. To me though, they still look like boys to me...liking them feels like cradle snatching.

Then again you know there are male fans of female "idols" that obsess over their measurement sizes, cup sizes etc. Granted my knowledge only stems from watching Densha otoko but still...:)

As for me I love Jpop as well but I tend to stay away from the boy bands...or even girl bands like morning musume. I love my Jrock though....I HEART the Pillows, Buri Guri and L'arc en ciel <3.
As much as I loved the "idol pop" of the 80s, my focus was on the music and never the performers. I know how hokey that sounds but it is true.

So, just how "sexy" is the mole on his shoulder?? I KNOW you have google-imaged it. "...liking them feels like cradle snatching"?? Puleeeeze! You're 22! You crack me up...
Oh damnit I'm busted!

I'm 22 backwards!....oh wait that doesnt work hahaha :p Some guys I think look really really young for their age...I dated a 19 year old once and he had this baby face that made him look he was 12! Only when he grew a bit of stubble could you see that he was a bit older...but still my friends constantly teased me about being a cradle snatcher because of how young he looked ^^;

You've NEVER once gone "Wow she cant hold a note to save a life....but look at those headlights!" :p I think having a certain air of attractiveness or charisma is nice but if their music doesnt really mesh with me I lose interest very quickly.
No, I never think about her hips that don't lie when I listen to the music of the Colombian Sex Tornado known as Shakira.

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