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I ate a shrimp.

Well as usual being a vegetarian in Japan was causing some grief. I hate that I can be such a problem. I am happy to go to any restaurant and just be with friends. It's not necessary for me to eat anything. I'll be happy with a drink, a soda or a beer :). We ended up at a restaurant that had nothing even close to vegetarian. That's ok, but you can't pick the "fish" taste out of food cooked with fish. How many times can I explain that! Fish tastes fishy! If you cook in fish stock, the radish, although a vegetable, now tastes like fish! Anyway to make everyone happy I tried a shrimp. Yep, it tastes just like it always does. At least I gave it a try. I have to say the spicy, red sauce it was in was good...it covered up some of the fishy flavor. I hope for no restaurant troubles tonight. I will be happy to just have good company! That I have plenty of here! :)


You don't eat fish OR meat? Wow....Japan must be hell for you! I used to go hang out with this Jewish guy, and his dietary restrictions were bad enough! hehehe
It's hard sometimes in Japan to eat vegetarian, because
even if there isn't actual meat in a dish, many times it is cooked in a fish stock or meat stock. Then there are those darn fish flakes...bonito I believe...I order tofu and it comes covered in flakes. Oh well. There is plenty here to eat that is for sure. And there is always dessert. Ohhh, I love desserts here. Anyway tonight was spaghetti mozzarella and then chocolate cake. It was all great and so was the company. I think tomorrow it will be okonomiyaki (sorry about the spelling). I really love that, because I can get just the ingredients I like in it. :) But as you wrote Mikawa Ossan sometimes it is hell! What makes me feel bad is that everyone is always adjusting to my needs, and really it's not necessary. I love their company and truly just to be with friends is better than any food, even chocolate cake!

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