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Ive been looking in the recent blog thigie (Im not the only one! Ive seen you people on my recent visitors ^^)
And people dont blog alot
granted im sitting in an hour-and-a-half (Curse silent letters! It should be A Hour but its not because the H is silent >_<) class where we dont do anything (and JREF isnt blocked ^^) so i spose I dont have anything better to do (well im sure i do, but nothing i want to do =] ) so im blogging while everyone else is being loud ☺ but hey, Ive got a mini-bowl of trix and some apple juice next to me (yay for free breakfast!) and lots of free time, so why not! bai bai :wave:


Boy, oh girl. . . and I thought I was dandy with a couple of trixs up my sleve, but you've got a whole mini-bowl of them . . . sitting right there in front of you ! Wow !! Enjoy your free breakfasts, class time, and thoughts !! (as we enjoy your being here with us, on line !!) [and keep that brain a' chunking out stuff...]

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