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Otsuki blinks, and in an instant,
Her lack of sight allows the tide to ebb.
The water recedes from a body
Like the rapid undoing of an intricate web.

The blink of an eye like death
Is a blind moment without solace.
The instant rush of fluid flows
Deep into the clutches of mass.

When the land is full and barren,
What may seem an instant,
By light, becomes more than ten,
And each particle is a planet.

Orihime gleams and beams
Vivid Enlightenment, Gazing Ahead,
Unleashing the dreams
That hide in the darkness.

Where the seventh sun sets,
where the snow tiger rests,
where peace and tranquility,
Unite in all purity.

Sora tengoku and the crystallization of time,
Through the dissolution of densities
Expands the notion of celestial bodies
Toward the essence of an exalted dimension.


I belive in God as one god only not two or more ..
He is the creater of this world and the space ...
I belive in Muses and Jesus and Muhammed as Prophets not gods ...because they are Humans....

and thanks alot

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