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happy dogs today!

With our break from the usually bitter cold Wisconsin weather, we took the opportunity to finally let our huge black lab, Fin, run free off his leash for the first time! It was so great to see him get to run at liberty. He is such a cool dog. He now tops out at over 120 pounds and looks like a giant black bear. Being a retriever, he loves to fetch anything you throw. We bought him some new fetching toys today and he had so much fun catching them. He wants you to keep throwing the toys for him. Our little chihuahua, Frodo is all of 3 pounds and he wanted to run with Fin, but it's a little too risky because Fin knocks him over, and then Frod rolls for 5 feet crying! Maybe when Fin is a little more coordinated, he's only 8 months and when Frodo is a little bigger they can run together. It just made me so happy to see my dogs happy. It's a good day.


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