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Hair Cut

Today I got my hair cut.

This time, I had decided to find a new barber, so I went to a little place that is close to where I live and tried it out for the first time.

They cut the hair on my head, the hairs in my nose, and the hairs on my ears. They shaved my face and shampooed my hair.

All for 1900 yen.

I think I've found a new barber.:cool:


Hey man, that's cheap !! I mean, you know...I go to a place here in Matsumoto in front of the station that does all those things for about that price, but it's more expensive !!

Just take a look at the volume of cut hair, and divide the cost by the numbers of strands, and you'll soon see that it's cheaper for you than for me !! hee, hee, hee....

BUT...we have found a new place too, here at Jusco, that gives just a hair cut, with no frills, for some 980 something yen. My son's have done it...I'll do it next time.

I bet you look sharp now !! Wow...watch out for all them lady folk !! :cool::)
Aha, but there's only one that I need to watch out for!

The place I usually go to will shave your face, but not your ears or nose (cut the hairs, that is).

But, ahem, um, I see your point about the hair, Mars Man....of course you can think of it as your hair being a hotter commodity than mine!
Please give me directions to the barber. (ハンブンホンキデス
I used to go to a neighborhood barbershop that was family owned and run. They did all the things you mentioned plus gave you a five minute head and neck massage to boot! All for 2,000 yen. When you left that place you felt like a million bucks.
I haven't been to a barber for years. A couple of years ago, I tried to save money by not going to the barber, but using a hair clipper.

I am still using a hair clipper (a new one...), but I would love to get my hair changed again. So when my Japanese is good enough, I will go to the barbershop and ask for a hair cut... (....ow I forgot... they've got barbers where they speak English as well in this area...)...

ANyway... I would love to go to the barber shop again.
A fellow teacher used to cut my hair, I paid him sen en each time. After he left I didn't.. or couldn't.. (wouldn't?) cut my hair for 2 months. Then I finally caved in because my head looked like roadkill so I found a local place that did a decent job for 950en.

I like that they did the nose hairs too, an often overlooked yet sometimes essential aspect of male grooming!
My barber is a good friend, although he is gay (_ _') that doesn't matter he is still a good friend and he can handle the scissor better than no other barber in my neighbourhood
When you get a haircut
Be sure you go back home
When you get a haircut
Get a barber you have known
Since you were a little boy
Sitting in a booster chair
'Cause you might look like Larry, Moe or Curley
If a stranger cuts your hair

Ray Stevens

Last time anyone cut my hair other than myself was December of 1999, when I got spiffed up for a job interview.

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