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Had Myself a Merry Lil' Christmas

I hope yours was great as well!

I was sick half the time, tho.. not with flu, cold or fever- just fatigue and soreness that really bogged me down. Last Friday, I could hardly move, I was so exhausted. Literally. It was sort of scary. I wondered if it was repracussions from all the meds that the ER doctors perscribed to me for my allergy attacks the week before. :sick:

Nevertheless, Christmas was great. I even gave myself a haircut last night, which is collosal, seeing as I'm usually scared to death of attempting such a change as that. But I like it! 🤩

I also have begun taking piano lessons. (By myself of course.. if I can't afford a Japanese language Tutor, I certainly can't afford a Piano Tutor either! 😊 )
I bought two good lesson books, each with an accompanying CD. It's a different way to do something fun and satisfying. After 20+ years of playing the viola, I kindof fancy a change!


Good luck with your piano playing!

I tried teaching myself a couple of years ago, but I couldn't make myself continue. I hope you have better luck!

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