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Yesterday, I made gyoza from scratch for the first time since graduating college. It was fun, but time consuming.

I didn'T actually eat any of them, but I froze them all instead. I'm going to cook them later, a little at a time.

I LOVE gyoza. I have loved them since the very first time I had them in Kobe, back in 1996. I love yaki-gyoza, sui-gyoza, and age-gyoza. It's all good.

I've noticed that every place has a different recipe, and even in the cookbooks that I've looked through, there are a number of different recipes. The gyoza I made do not use cabbage, but rather hakusai and nira. Nira is key to making delicious gyoza in my opinion. Another key is to put in ginger, but not too much.

Unfortunately this time I didn't make the skins from scratch (I bought them from the grocery store), but even so it took a long time to make.

I can't wait to eat them. Mmmmm....gyoza....


yumy,sounds good.can you tell me how to make gyoza please ^^
i want to put it on my list and make my mum cook it for me ^^
i want more japanese meals put i didnt find any recipe....

I have not eaten gyoza very much before but I have eaten lots of dumplings from the local Yumcha's that are near where I live. Unfortunately to find a good Japanese restaurant you need to head into the city to eat really nice gyoza. I look forward to trying real Japanese gyoza when I go to Japan :)
Hezam: Post the recipe...with pictures? Hmmm...that would be a bit of a challenge to do without help. I mean, it's hard to take pictures when you're wrapping up a gyoza! Next time I make gyoza, I'll try to remember your request, but I should warn you...the next time I make gyoza could be a long time from now (using the past as a guide...)

KiraKira1232: 「魚座」ではなくて、「餃子」または「ギョーザ」ですが、名古屋に来たらいつでも食べれますよ!ラーメン屋に行くと必ずメニューにあるから楽しみですね!
I think of gyoza in Japan like I might french fries in America. It's really just a side dish, but once you start eating them, there's just no stopping!

So it DOES have the long "ou" sound....so misleading sometimes...I was typing that in a rush so I didnt check it ><;;

But I so get what you mean when you cant stop eating them...I can down a whole plate of 15 dumplings in one sitting quite easily. Once you pop you can't stop!
Whenever I hear the word "dumpling" I think of dumpling soup, which is very different from my image of gyoza! lol I think we used to call them "potstickers" back in the day.

There was a Chinese restaurant, and the owner used to joke that all his chicken had the bird flu and all his beef had mad cow disease (hoof and mouth). Their potstickers were alright, I suppose, but the skins were too thick in my opinion.
thanks Ossan kan ^^
and please when you have the guide please post it here cuz i want to cook gyoza in this month ( Ramadan ) when i have my breakfast *_^
The dumplings you are thinking of served in a broth are actually called wontons and are made of a different skin and are of course a different shape to Shuijian or Gyoza (though the filling is similar).

The Potstickers you are referring to are an American name given to "Guotie" which are dumplings that are fried then steamed.

I believe the biggest difference between Gyoza and Shuijian (boiled dumplings) is that Gyoza skins are thinner. Nira however is a key ingredient in both types lol.
Hezam, it just occurred to me that you shouldn't have gyoza, because it uses ground pork. At least the ones I make do...

Kirakira1232, have you ever had chicken dumpling soup? Those are the dumplings I envision. I think they're unrelated to Chinese cooking, but I really don't know. I never did understand the difference between a wonton or shumai or any of that stuff in English. Next time I visit America, I'll have to go to a Chinese restaurant and put your comment to the test! lol
Ossan kan Thanks for explain it ^^
undrentide: thank you very much for the link, i will replace it and i will invite some friends to eat ( Arabic gyoza ) ^^
Thanks Ossan for posting this blog,i will get some pictures when i make gyoza ^^

by the way,when did japanese start eating pork ?

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