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I thought and thought in these last days, and thought about things. About my life...where I am heading to. What am I doing. But I didn´t figure out anything.
After recovering my laptop only 40 Gb from 160 could be saved...among them the Uruha pics (I say LOL)...
so I started to gather everything again.
Which takes pretty much time, and I better used this time for the school but instead I am browing the net and spending hours on PS making graphisc...
Didi ´t I grow up? Am I a responsible person? I guess not.
But can anyone blame me? I still didn´t recover of the shock admiring someone for things he isn´t at all...and the wound goes deeper as I thought at first, maybe because I wounded myself. Those ound are difficult to heal, and some last forever.
Well, what happened, happened. Even if i didn´t grow up I hope at least I learned something new.


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