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groetjes aus Nederland ;P

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:p Dutch is a funny language.. were still sitting between boxes and all XD the living room is unpacked but there is still a lot of junk around.. My mom is making a lot of fuss about the wall colours.. She wants something diffrent from france but it has to mach with the sofa..
But were able to live in it and things like that will come right after we settled.. The house is in a good state..And we can leaf the floors as they are..
I'm glas we do have a chirstmass tree and other nice stuff ! Today we have a huge dinner and my grandma and granddad from my dad's side will come over.. It has been quite a while since I have seen those..


Glad that you already like it a bit here~!
Your first x-mas in Nederland :)

And ofcourse, a big warm welcome!!!:wave:
Only thing that misses is the snow :p
Coz when it snows here... and you go to the forest...
Thats very beautiful!
Like Last Thursday and Friday, All the trees were frozen :)

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