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Frankly Darling, I Don't Give A Damn!

blogblogblog....Sooooo, I guess this is called "blogging". Fascinating. Truly fascinating.😊
Guess I'm going to be one of those "bloggers" now, hihi. (I really don't know what that's supposed to mean...) Before, I used to post my silly messages in the J-bot thread, but well, "There are some things in this world, Captain Niobe, that will never change. Some things do change."
hehe couldn't resist quoting that...😊 And it's the truth, some things change, and some never do. For example, I'm still that silly girl I used to be. However, now, I DO write in paragraphs! heyz, heyz, talk about improvement here😊 hmmm yep, there sure is a new wind blowing. Otherwise I would never have started with this silly blog-thing ofcourse, ofcourse.....ofcourse(an obvious lie)
owow new paragraph, don't forget! Soooo, people who blog usually talk about something, hmmmmm I guess I should try that too, though I don't have any inspiration, it's been quite a while since I had inspiration. hmm this blog is making no sense at all. If somebody actually reads this....you're welcome to reply and yell at me for taking up this space on the web, you're perfectly right, however...mhuahahah just to annoy you(L.S.) I will keep on blogging, hopefully, if school stops bugging me with all this homework. They have to, once.....


Nah. I won't yell at you.
I need inspiration to write and draw. I'm a creative wreck!!
I hate school too. In one class I have like 4 assignments!!
Well, err... You're not the only one who doesn't know what to post in a blog 2.
I just tell about what happened to me that day.
But not everyday... I also dont have any inspiration. 😌

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