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forever friends and forgotten phone numbers

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I was picking up my niece from school and while I was driving through the snowy Wisconsin countryside my mind started wandering and I was thinking of all the friends I have had in my life and how I don't talk to most of them anymore. It's like they were friends for the first part of my life. I have different friends now. Funny how when your life changes ( for me it was a divorce then remarriage) that you loose friendships. When I got divorced our friends ended up divided and slowly they left. They were all married still. Now that I am married again, I have yet another set of friends. Along with that I am closer to my middle brother and his wife. We have become good friends and not just family. We really enjoy each other's company now. Anyway, during my drive a phone number popped into my head. A number I hadn't dialed in 8 years. I called it immediately. I somehow felt it was destiny. The person answered and I said "Hi, it's Trish.", she said "I know.". She said she had been thinking about me a lot, and when the phone rang with an unknown number she knew it was going to be me! She wasn't even surprised! We are getting together Thursday. I can't wait. We talked for over and hour, those 8 years seemed like minutes. It's been a good day. I am glad that my brain was able to dig up a number that I thought I had forgotten and I am glad that I had the heart to dial it. I have a great friend back and this time I won't let life separate us.


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