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For their own sake...

I hope that the Minshuto want to put more on the plate than the gasoline tax at the next general election.

Although I personally would love to see gas prices go down by 25 yen a liter, I wouldn't support repealling it if doing so meant underfunding the government (more than it already is).

I would advocate cutting spending first, and then repealling the tax if it is to be done, but in the long term, I agree that a restructuring of the tax code would probably be the most viable solution.


I paid just under $60 to fill up my car today. Diesel is at $1.10 at most regular pumps and I didn't have time to find one of the good cheap places where the big rigs go.

Pisses me off that they charge more for diesel, it used to be the other way around. BUT, at least I get double the fuel economy of most other vehicles so a few extra cents per liter is still worth it in my humble opinion. (For me, that is)

Mikawa, if governments got rid of their bloated overhead and trimmed spending I think we'd all benefit. This is one of the issues we're facing here in Toronto, as more and more services risk annihilation. Yet the federal gov't won't use any of its massive surplus to help alleviate the strain put on cities by a quickly aging and expanding population.

They always find the answer eventually, but proactive would be nicer than reactive for once.

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